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1-sheet posters

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1-SHEET posters are the most common type of movie poster that are displayed in theatres.  1-SHEET posters most typically measure 27"x41" or 27"x40", but the length can vary slightly.  Some studios have issued 1-sheets with vertical measuremnts of 38"-39".  ADVANCE ot TEASER posters are issued months before the film's release and typically displaya artwork different than the regular release poster.  Some regular issue 1-sheets are issued in different styles, which are designated as "style A' or "style B".  In the late 80's many studios issued 1-sheet posters that are double-side (the image is printed in reverse on the back side of the poster).  This was done to support the use of light box poster display cases in theatre lobbies, with the double-sided posters providing richer, more vibrant colors when illuminated from behind.  Any older posters (pre-late80's) and many independent films were never issued as double-sided posters.  Posters issued before 1990 were, in most instances, issued FOLDED, as they were easier to send to the theatres for display.  As studios began to take over the distribution of movie posters to theatres, it was more common to find that many 1-sheet posters were available in ROLLED condition.  The designation between FOLDED and ROLLED is listed in each 1-sheet poster entry. The mere fact that a poster is in folded condition does not decreas the value or collectability of the item, as that was the original condition it was released in.

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